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Our expertise and knowledge of IT services in various industries can help your company grow.

IT Services for business and residential clients

Remote and on-site IT support

Cloud Solutions

Server installation and management

Backup and recovery

Wifi network installation

Network diagnostics and assessment

Advanced security and anti-virus protection

VOIP - Phone Systems

Desk Telephone

Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), is an internet-based phone system, as opposed to a land line that relies on old copper-wire technologies that have been around for a hundred years. With VOIP, users still use a phone handset but they can also use their computer or tablet to deliver and receive voice calls. Because VoIP phone systems work through the internet, unlike traditional PBX (Private Branch Exchange - which is a private telephone network used within a company or organization) systems that rely on landlines, users have access to other handy office features such as messaging, virtual meetings and conferencing.

My IT Wizard

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